BIA - Bridgeport International Academy

Subject Areas

Subject_AreasStudents will be expected to gain fundamental understanding in the following subject areas:

English Literature and Composition: Students will achieve a high level of competency in the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking; will become familiar with both world and American literature; and will have the ability and confidence to communicate in a wide variety of public and private situations.

Second Language Acquisition: Students will gain the ability to communicate in a second language in four skill areas.

Technology: Students will gain a fundamental mastery of computer use and research skills and be able to integrate these skills into every academic area. They will understand technology trends and career applications of such trends.

History and Culture: Students will gain fundamental knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the historical and cultural experience of America and of other world cultures. They will be oriented to the significance of geography, transportation, economics, communications, and politics.

Mathematics: Students will master advanced, as well as basic, mathematics and understand the role and application of mathematics in various aspects of everyday life.

Science: Students will understand scientific perspectives focusing on the major experimental sciences and addressing their responsibility to care for the environment and natural resources.

Physical Education and Health: Students will take a health course and gain a well-rounded experience of team and individual sports. They will learn the value of physical fitness, good physical and mental health, and a healthy and principled lifestyle as the foundation for personal and familial happiness.

The Arts: Students will gain aesthetic understanding and appreciation of music, dance, drama, and other forms such as film, video, digital arts, and multimedia arts.

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