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Electronic Device Policy Article

In January 2014, Bridgeport International Academy (BIA)  unveiled a comprehensive policy regarding student use of electronic devices. The most recent policy (updated September 2015) can be accessed via the link below.

Digital Policy PDF Link

The board and administration at BIA recognizes that electronic devices and emerging technologies, when properly utilized, offer the potential for positive educational benefits and enhanced learning experiences for students. However, improperly utilized, they can be a detriment to the learning process.

In this regard, BIA has developed clear guidelines for possession and personal use of electronic devices while at the Academy. These devices include laptops, tablet computers, smartphones, eReaders, calculators, and portable media players, among other technologies. In essence, students are encouraged to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the Academy for educational application and collaboration and with parental permission. A main guiding principle for the classroom use is “individual teacher discretion,” with each teacher having broad discretion to determine what devices can and cannot be used within his or her own classroom.

Each student and parent is  provided with a copy of the comprehensive policy, Digital Citizenship at Bridgeport International Academy: Policy for the Appropriate Use of Electronic Devices by Students.  Furthermore, students are provided an abbreviated one-page summary of the policy.

To ensure that effective implementation of this policy, it is important for all facets of the BIA community to be familiar with the guidelines.  Only through the collaboration of students, parents, and staff can we be sure the policy is properly understood and implemented.  Parents are a key partner in the implementation of this new policy.  Parents are asked to read and review this policy and engage the student in a discussion that will help him or her in understanding the policy and the consequences of failure to adhere to the guidelines.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make this a policy that helps better prepare students for life in college and the 21st Century workplace.


Frank LaGrotteria, D.Min.


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