BIA - Bridgeport International Academy

Mission & Philosophy

Educational_PhilosophyMission Statement:

Bridgeport International Academy provides a college preparatory educational program for students of diverse cultures and nationalities that fosters academic excellence, character development, creativity, and global citizenship.

The Academy fulfills its mission by: (1) offering a holistic educational experience, emphasizing the study of core academic subjects, oral and written communication skills, character education, community service, technological skills, fine and digital arts, performing arts, and physical fitness; and (2) seeking to instill in each student a passion for learning while promoting respect for and harmonious relations with other people and cultures in a safe, nurturing, and positive educational environment.


Academic subjects are taught as an integral part of a body of knowledge so that students recognize relationships among the disciplines. The study of world history and culture reflects the international, interdisciplinary focus of the academy. The school emphasizes the importance of effective communication by fostering the development of writing and public speaking skills. Teachers use a variety of instructional techniques to stimulate each student's creativity and motivation to learn.

As part of their high school journey, students explore common religious and ethical values. Character education and ethical reflection encourage students to nurture their own identities as young men or women oriented toward community service and social conscience. Students are encouraged to obtain the guidance of teachers, parents, and mentors as they develop ideals and values.

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